Playhouse progress

The boy’s playhouse is nearly complete. All of the hammering and cutting is finally over. (As you can see, the ork was done a while ago…the ofing old enough to have accumulated folliage)

All that is really left is the painting. I kinda like the natural look, but the trim and decking are not weather treated and will need some protection from the harsh nothern winter (and the cyclic global warming). So we had a discussion with the owners (Tristan and William) about color schemes. Tristan originally wanted white, so I was somewhat relieved when he now recently changed to green and orange. Still, these did not appear to be woodland colors that would blend into our charming backyard.

I tried for the “pumpkin and chocolate” that many of Tom’s college friends will remember from the SigEp days, but Tristan would not hear of it. After several iterations with Tristan’s design consulant (Jennifer), we settled upon “Orange Spice and Chlorophyl” (just rolls of the tongue).

It may take some time to get used to this:

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