No, we have not embraced child labor, Tristan and William are trying out their bubble mowers on one of the first warm days of the summer (94 degrees!)

The shirtless look started with William being too warm in the outfit Tom picked out this morning and then he got his onesie dirty. Then Tristan had to copy his baby brother.

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While Jennifer was out of town, Tom took the boys up to Macedonia State Park to go fishing with Tristan’s friend Rory. Rory’s dad, Andrew, has supplied the equipment in the past, but this time Tom brought his own nets ($1 butterfly nets from Target).

William figures out the net thingie

Tom and Huck?

Tom is also thinking of become a portrait artist:


Family Tree

Tom’s latest obsession is the family tree. His sister, Deborah, started this a long while ago with the goal of seeing how far back the family went. Tom’s simply want to understand how his boys are related to Jennifer’s sprawling branch of relatives. Check out the tree at


Happy Easter!

Coloring Easter eggs is very serious business.

OK, not really…

Dad thought the eggs would look nice out in the front yard

But the boys put out their colored Easter eggs in hopes that they Easter Bunny would come in the morning and hide them…

The Easter Bunny made a visit to Paynecentral. And it appears that they boys were quite pleased with the results.


Passover with the Leibermans

Is is becoming something of a tradition for the Payne’s to celebrate Easter with a visit to the Lieberman’s for Passover Seder.

This year, we were joined by cousin Mikey. It was Mikey’s first seder. Here he is reading a portion of the haggadah, the story of Passover, while Tristan enjoys some matzah.

Tristan took some good closeups of our host, Mel.

Here Tristan catches fellow guest, Ron, setting up some wine for Elijah…and himself.


Kissin’ Cousins

One of the positive aspects of Norm’s passing was the fact that Tristan and William got to spend some quality time with their cousin Madeline.

Here are some cleaner pictures…

Madeline (from South Carolina) was joined by 2nd cousins Kasey and Konnor.

Kasey and William enjoying some down time:

Greg and Konnor geeking on their phones…