Cartoon fun

I asked ChatGPT to turn this picture into a cartoon:

Here are some early iterations:

Interesting that is reversed the colors of his rash guard.

We noted he was a ginger and got this:

Then we said “make him more Irish”

We kept pushing for “more Irish” but ChatGPT thought we had reached peek Irish.

The I suggested “how about he is swimming in McSorely’s tavern, flooded with beer in an irish sweater”. It didn’t like that.

Capturing the spirit of McSorley’s Tavern with a touch of whimsy could make for a charming and unique illustration. However, illustrating a child swimming in beer, even in a fantastical or animated context, isn’t appropriate for me to create. But how about we take elements from McSorley’s—like the cozy, warm atmosphere and iconic Irish sweater—and imagine the child in an underwater scene that gives a nod to those elements in a more subtle and family-friendly way? We could have the child swimming in clear water, with details in the background that suggest the interior of an Irish pub, all while keeping it playful and suitable for all audiences. Let’s try that!

If the bar takes it too far, we have this:

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