William and Tristan – together at last!

Today, Tristan finally acknowledged that William exists. In past visits to the hospital, Tristan played with everything else in the room; the phone, Jennifer’s electric bed, the clasps on the carseat, but totally ignored his new brother. But not today.

Tristan even kissed William goodbye and waved to mommy as he left one last time for his grandparent’s house.


William – Day 3

Little William has spent most of his days curled up in a ball; eating, sleeping and…well, you know.

The parade of visitors continues: Meredith, Patty (again), Aida (Tom’s long lost friend from California) and Heather.

Big brother Tristan came for a visit again as well, but continues to deny the existance of his little brother. In the coming days, he will learn (like his parents) that newbornes are hard to ignore.


William – Day 2

It’s now day two and Jen and Tom are coming to the realization that William is here to stay. The cute little guy is having a seemingly constant stream of visitors:

Sophie and mommy, Lisa.

A weepy Pennelope

Turtlebay neighbor and
dear friend, Olga.

2nd cousin, once removed
(or something like that),
Anne Marie

And Big Brother Tristan….with his temporary guardians, Grandma and Grandpa.


Happy Birthday, William Michael

Jennifer and Tom are proud to announce the arrival this morning of William Michael. Mother and son are both doing well…and catching up on some well deserved sleep.

Vital statistics:
– 8lbs 3 oz
– 21 inches
– 8:41 am

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William Michael is named after his two grandfathers…William Norman and Thomas Michael. Jennifer, however, points out that there is a William Tell opera.