When we arrived two weeks ago, Jennifer stubbornly went for a run, desperate for some kind of exercise, but convinced that she hated running. With no other options, Jennifer wound up running most days, first with Rob, later with Kate as well. Each day, Jennifer would brag about how she went a little farther. It actually appeared that she was staring to enjoy herself.
So when Tom was reading the local paper and learned about the “Harvey Cedars Dogs Days Roadrace“, a five mile run, he thought it would pose an obvious challenge for her new found obsession.

Crossing the finish line (at 1:02:36)
We are all very proud of Jennifer’s achievement. Horray to Kate as well (but she has done this before).
But it wouldn’t be proper to allow this go without poking some fun, so…
Here we are waiting at the finish line
0:56 minutes into the race. Where is Jen?
This old guy is done…where is Jen?
Here’s a guy with two kids in a stroller…where is Jen?
Here’s a 6 year old…
This was to prove that other people did finish after her…
Including this guy hat I heard mumbling that there were times
when he didn’t know where he was.
Race results: Jennifer and the other runners.

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