A Tree Falls in Tappan

You actually would have thought that a tornado passed through my parent’s neighborhood in Tappan yesterday. When I got the call that a tree came down in their yard…and took out my childhood bedroom, I was a bit concerned. But then came the added “but there is not water coming in”, I started to get a bit curious. A quick drive over to the house did show a great deal of damage, but all indications were that my old room was intact.

This was a pretty major tree. It took out the gazebo attached to the house, the little porch swing my dad built in the yard and the storage shed attached to the house. Amazingly, nothing touched my mom’s new car..leaves all around it, but not a scratch.

The bit of serious house damage was to the soffit (just over my old room). It could have been much worse.

Personally, I think the most serious damage will be this whole in the side of the house. It just appears to be superficial, but replacing the siding will be a joy, I am sure.

Click here for more pictures.

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