Oktoberfest reprise

This Saturday was our “return to Turtle Bay”. The family drove down to 46th Street in Manhattan to participate in the annual “Oktoberfest/Kid’s Festival” sponsored by the Friends of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. Along the way, we stopped by the old apartment and visited with George, our old doorman.

This year, due to inclement weather, the festival was celebrated in the gym of our old YMCA…so yet another haunting ground revisited.

At the festival, we ran into our friend Olga. She was very excited to see Tristan and William.

The boys loved the festival, especially the opportunity to get their faces painted. Tristan pushed for the Spiderman. William was a little heistant about the face painting, but eventually loved the idea of being a tiger (“roar!”)

The final stop on memory lane was “Good Burger”. In the old days, they only had burgers, but this time the boys were able to get hotdogs, Tom had a “crabby patty”. Jen did, however, haver her traditional cheddar cheese burger. All was good with the world.

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