Rain Day

We woke up to torrential downpours this morning. We thought to ourselves…”thank goodness we brought all these videos” for the kids. The sentence wasn’t out of our collective mouths when the power went out.

Luckily, Andrew had prepared for this and had collected the supplied for a seaside art project. Initially, the kids enjoyed the project…glueing shells to posterboard, drawing beach scenes…and the occasional ocean front nuclear power plant. But the novelty wore off pretty quickly (“they have the attention span of a three year old!”)

With this plan shot, Jennifer quickly reviewed the local vacation brochures (they still have these on paper? Thank goodness they were not only online) and discovered our next plan…the Aquarium in Atlantic City.

Upon arrival at the aquarium, we discovered that many other people had the same idea.

None the less, the kids had a blast. Here Tristan checks out a Moray Eel. (“There something alive in here!”)

Tristan and Rory discover a sea urchin in the aquatic “petting” zoo.

William and Jamie had a good time, as well.

…and then again at the Borgota after lunch


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