I am still calling it Shea…

This turned out to be a banner week for first time stadium trips…and once again, with the VIP treatment (I am getting used to this). This time the trip was to CitiField in Queens…but as I point out above, I will still be calling it Shea.

This time, the participants were Tom, his sisters Deb and Tara, and Skull.

Somehow Debbie got tickets from a parish priest…who had apparently gotten them from someone else. Either way, we wound up in an “Empire” suite with a bunch of other people we did not know. It turns out that the suite belongs to Aramark, the food concession people. As a result, the food stuff was pretty good, including burgers an shakes from Dany Meyer’s Shake Shack.

I arrived at the stadium an hour before Deborah arrived with the tickets. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing to do there until you get inside. The stadum is surrounded by auto body rear shops.

Once inside, you would noramally be exposed to a variety of excellent food option, but our tickets had us ushered directly…and unexpectedly…into a private suite.

The game was an opportunity for a family portrait (missing my boys and wife, however)

The key difference between the Yankees visit and the Mets? The Yankess won at their game…

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