Yankee Stadium

Thanks to some intoxicated silent bidding at a Boy’s/Girl’s Club charity auction, we acquired awsome tickets to the Yankees/Oakland game at Yankee Stadium. We paid no where near the face value for these tickets…since these Legend Suite tickets initially went for $2,500 a piece…but got to participate in a truly first class experience. Free gourmet food, waiter service in our seats, and an incredible field level view just behind home plate.

When we first researched these tickets on the Yankee’s website, I thought they would be closer to third base. We were very pleased (amazed) when we arrived and they were virtually behind home plate. And while we were on the side by the Oakland dugout, we had a view into the Yankee’s.

We were joined by friends Annelise and Andrew.

Tom caught some classic shots of some classic players…Jabba, Jorge, A-rod and Jeter.


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