Happy Birthday, William!!!

William celebrated his 2nd Birthday today with a BBQ at Stately Payne Manor. Mom and dad initially planned a traditional 4th of July theme…but one thing lead to another. Mom’s desire for a “shrimp boil” inspired dad to add things like andouille sausage and Hurricanes and then next thing you know, we have a New Orleans theme. (Without going into too many personal details, New Orleans has a very special connection to the events leading up to William’s birth.)

The day started with fun and games in William’s bedroom. Afterwards it was off to camp at Club Fit, followed by lunch and a daily nap. By the time William’s party started at 3pm, the guest of honor was still sleeping.

By the time William made his initial appearance at his own party, it was in full swing.

By the time the day was over, it was apparent that William was having a blast. We can only hope that all of his birthday’s are as much fun!

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