Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine came to Lake George this year…and so did we! Together with Tristan’s friend Cary (and both families), we all treked to upstate New York for a ride on the famously Useful Engine.

Tristan was concerned that the whistle would blow at any moment and remained cautious throughout the trip:

Otherwise, Tristan was literally glued to the window…

After the ride, Tristan, William, Cary and the crew enjoyed some other amusements, including a bouncy castle…and Thomas related shopping. With lunch conlcuded, we stopped back at the train station to see there phenomincal model train recreation of the local area. Again, Tristan was glued to the window…

Cary’s mom provided the weekend accomodations, thanks to a generous relative with a log cabin in the area. It was cozy with 5 adults and 4 kids…and one bathroom…but the kids had a blast trying our the new “bridge expansion set” from their Day with Thomas adventure.

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