Pond Redux

There have been a lot of projects around Stately Payne Manor recently. First, the winter freeze cycles destroyed our front steps and they were repaired by a quite impressive stone mason. Then the gutters needed to be replaced. This week, work continued on the back deck, replacing the rotted surface. And we had the pond repaired. Quite a bit of activity!

The pond needed help. Over the winter, many of the stones that defined the perimiter of the pond decided they would prefer to be in the pond. Additionally, a persistent leak in the ponds liner needed to be fixed. And finally, some of the plants surrounding the pond had given up the ghost.

While we were at it, we added a waterfall and stream to the pond, at the same time upgrading the filtering system. There are even lights!

At least one frog has come back to enjoy the pond (he has set up house inside the new skimmer). Hopefully more will decide to make this their home. Tristan would be quite happy to hear that. And you can actually see the fish now. Yes, there are actually fish in our Koi pond. We weren’t quite sure about that until the water cleared up.

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