Rest in Peace, Norm

Jennifer lost her dad today. Apparently, he passed in his sleep peacefully.

While he had a hard time remembering their names, there is no doubt that he loved his grandchildren. It was also clear that he loved his family, especially his children, Jennifer and Greg.

Norm has suffered with Alzheimer’s for over 10 years. As Jen points out, many of the people who had met her dad during that time didn’t have the oportunity to meet the real Norm. She remembers the sports loving man who took up skiing at 45 so he could spend time with her on the ski team. She remembers the “hockey dad” who brought the same enthusiam to equestrian events, scolding judges for not scoring his daughter with the ribbons he knew he deserved.

Norm is now with his beloved Mary Ann who we lost 10 years ago.

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