Acceptance Day at West Point

Today was A-Day…or Acceptance Day…for the Class of 2012 at West Point. Jennifer’s cousin Mike is now officially a member of the core of cadets at our nation’s prestigous military academy.

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The symbolic ceremony starts with the Point’s upperclassmen lined up on the parade grounds. Then the fouth class cadets march into the ranks of the their fellow cadets. Much pomp and circumstance follows. Bands play. Anthems are sung. Flags are presented.

Tristan and William had a grand time exploring the grounds of West Point. They particularly liked the cannons, mules and…

…water fountains.

After the parade, we were able to meet up with Mike. We ran into his mother and grandmother along the way.

Since his family is in California, we expect to be seeing a lot of Cadet Mike over the next four years. He is a welcome addition to Paynecentral. Everyone is very proud of Mike.


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