Role Reversal

This afternoon, Tristan was taking his nap a bit too seriously, so we had to wake him up. To this end, Tom litterally pounced on the poor unsuspecting boy, bouncing the bed around him repeatedly. Once Tristan started to come to consciousness, Tom pronnounced “I’m up! I’m up!”, mimicing T’s typical morning decree. Almost immediately following, Jennifer (with William in tow) joined in the fun, repeating a stream of Tristan-isms:

– “Lemonade, lemonade, I want lemonade”
– “I’m up! I’m up!”
– “Want bolonga…in my hand”
– “Car movie, car movie!”
– “Ka-chow!”
– “No way, mom”
– “I want to watch froggies on your ‘puter”
– “Too cold. Very windy, daddy!”
– “Puffs!”
– “Is this a buzy road?”
– “Pollywog in a Bog song”
– “Pretzels!”

Needless to say, Tristan was still in a daze…and exceedingly confused. This actually lasted for the rest of the afternoon. So our little trick backfired. Note to self: the wrong side of the bed includes bouncing above it!

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