Balloonfest or Bust

Someone had the brilliant idea that we should all go to the Quick Check Balloonfest in Readington, NJ this weekend. It sounded like a great idea at the time. Tom, Jen and the boys joined Grandma, Pop-pop, Aunt Tara, Professor Stewart and Aunt Debbie on the runway at Solberg Airport. We also hooked up with Steph, Bill, Amanda and Matthew (no Kayla)…and Jane, Bill and Olivia.

While Tristan had an absolute ball on the amusement rides with Matthew…there was little else to bo but wait for the balloons to inflate.

And wait…

But it never happened. So neither did the promised mass accent of 125 balloons. (The balloons pictured above were “rides”. You could pay $1 for the privledge to walk through the partially inflated balloon. After paying $25/adult to simply get on the field, this was not in the cards).

But none the less, we all seemed to have fun.

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