Tristan has discovered that there are frogs in our koi pond (no koi, just frogs). Apparently, there is an gene which attracts young boys to frogs as he will no leave them alone. He wants to watch them, he wants them to jump into the water, he wants to touch them. I am certain it will not be long before he is, like Dennis the Menace before him, coming into the house, frog(s) in hand.

Here, Dad is experimenting with his new Aiptek A-HD video camera. It started out as a rainy day, but turned into a Froggie Adventure.

Daddy showed Tristan this video on his computer while T was having lunch. As Daddy went to prepare his own lunch, he heard the video start again. Yes, Tristan had figured out how to play the video on Daddy’s computer (he is only 2). Watch here


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