For Sale: Kawasaki GPz 750…and Tom's youth

In his 20’s, Tom enjoyed riding his Kawasaki GPz750 through the California countryside. But when California instituted a helmet law, Tom found himself spending more and more time in his convertible…so he sold the bike to his good friend Adrian. Besides, Tom had just (personally) finished rebuilding the engine after blowing out a piston on the way home from Laguna Seca Raceway (in the middle of the dessert). He wasn’t very confident in the bike after that.

In January 2007, Tom and family went out to visit CA and stopped in on Adrian. While there, Tristan was able to test fit the bike. He seemed to understand the thrill.
Well, Adrian has decided to sell the bike. He is advertizing it, but doesn’t expect to get many offers for a 1989 sport bike. Jennifer is quite happy that the bike is all the way on the left coast, so there is little chance Tom will just drop in to pick it up.
Tom said good bye to the bike a long time ago, but there is a certain sadness in this second goodbye. A lot of good times were had with that bike…memories now confined to a scrapbook.

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