Big Boy Bed

Tristan has a new “big boy” bed. Thanks to good friend Andrew, Tristan has a really cool race car bed, made by Andrew’s dad, Roger. The bed looks like a fire engine red Formula 1 racer complete with wheels, exhaust and a huge storage trunk.

Tristan was so excited about his new bed that he had to jump in right after his shower…before putting on any PJs.

He even let his little brother, William, take a spin in the race car.

It took Tristan quite a while to get to sleep for the first time in his new bed. First the excitement needed to wear off…and then he realized that the crib he had used for the past two years was missing. He asked for his crib back a couple of times, but eventually fell to sleep. When he woke up this morning, we still wanted to know what happened to his crib…but he was very excited about his new race car.

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