Happy Easter

It was a very busy Easter at our house this year…and at the Maguires…and at Grandma’s house, too.
“So let me get this straight…I get to put these eggies into those brightly colored dyes?!”

Here, Tristan and William put the eggs out for the Easter Bunny. Overnight the bunny will hide the eggs and will replace the eggs with toys and candy.

William and Tristan are ready for Easter mass.

“And that is why the Lord, Jesus Christ came from the Father and sacrificed himself for your souls!”

(Sometimes, Tristan can get a little excited about the real meaning of Easter)
Tristan finds his first egg after church.

Cousins Dannielle and Bobby brought over baby Abby for a visit:

After waking from his nap, William finally gets to review his Bunny goodies.

At the Maguire’s Tristan discovers that sometimes, eggs can have money inside

Later, lots of the family was at Gradma and Pop-pop’s house:

Here is an experimental slide show from Google’s WebAlbums:
You can see the whole album on Google at http://picasaweb.google.com/tompayne36/Easter2008 or by clicking any of the pictures above to visit the regular Paynecentral photo album(s).

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