Christmas with Tristan and William

Santa was very generous at our house…

Tristan called Grandma to say “Merry Christmas!”

Mom and Dad soon realized that Tristan would be happy with just this one gift…

William loved his new Exersaucer

Mommy shows Tristan his new “Jack’c Big Music Show” video.

Tristan enjoyed his new camera (every one and a half year old needs his own digital camera, no?)
The Tale of the Technicolored Raindeer….
A couple of days before Christmas, Tristan’s Aunt Tara came over to visit. She had an art project that required Tristan’s participation. It involved a small wooden raindeer…and lots of paint.

On Christmas Day, the raindeer was presented to a very curious Aunt Debbie. Apparently, this was all a plot to distract Aunt Debbie from constant razing of her sister about the technicolor sheep she created as a child.

On Christmas Eve, Tara had another art project for Tristan…but we forgot to tell her that Tristan is alergic to ginger.



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