Let it snow

This is what the house looked like during the first snow of the 2007 season. This is back when we thought snow was cute.

Now that we have lived through the second snow, the “honeymoon” phase has passed. Tom is very thankful for the early Christmas present his mother provided…an electric shovel. Unfortunately, it was only used to clear half of the circular drive this time…and now the other half is a 1″ deep sheet of ice covered in hard snow. Winter cement.
Add to that the fact that the town people that clear our new sidewalks think that our driveway is a convenient dumping area for accumulated snow (after Tom has cleared a path for the car). Now there are two pillars of snow to navigate through in order to get to the street. And the quaint hump that leads from the street to the house is now a treatorous ice slide…fun for both driving over and walking to the mail and trash.
But is does make for a lovely picture.

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