Treking to the Cape

William made his first trip to Cape Cod this weekend. Tristan wanted to introduce his brother to Jimmy and Dorothy, his adopted aunt and uncle.

Jimmy singing to William

Dorothy with William
While on the Cape, we stayed at the “Bow Roof House”, a six room bed and breakfast in Chatham. It was suprising to find out how few hotels on the Cape would accept children under the age of 13.

Bow Rood House
It was recommended that the intrepid travellers stay at the “International Inn” in Hyannis, as it offered “suites”. This sounded like a good idea…the kids could be in one room while we stayed in another. Tom was, however, concerned when the reservation system offered “enhancements” such as silk pajamas and chocolate covered berries. The heart shaped bed should have been an early warning. The sad (perhaps sick) part was that this hotel accepted infants/toddlers.
Our host at the Bow Roof House was Vera. She was quite a hoot.

Vera prepping breakfast
While there, Tristan helped Vera’s son to re-shingle the inn’s work shed.

Tristan working the hammer

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