Dixon reunion

On this trip to California, Tom was able to finally introduce Jennifer (and Tristan) to his buddy Adrian and his family. Tom has known Adrian and his son Andrew for over 20 years…even though Andrew is now only 17.

Here is a picture of Tom and Andrew (along with Tom’s dog Snortles) from around the last time they had gotten together. On the right is a picture of the two families now (Adrian, wife Gilda, Jennifer, Tom w/Tristan, Andrew, Daniel w/Ethan)

Good luck to Andrew with his wrestling (he won a championship the weekend we were out there) and to Daniel with his quest to get into USC.

Long ago (after rebuilding the engine in his kitchen), Tom sold his Kawasaki GPz750 to Adrian. He has taken incredible care of the bike…and it appears ready for Tristan to take over in the future!

Check out the video of Adrian’s synchronized Chistmas lights. (Next time I get the audio as well!)

(click for video)

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