Tristan's First IM

So Tristan has had a lot of “first” recently, as most babies do…but today he had first 21st Century “first”…he sent an instant message to his daddy.
[11:21] jickib29: hi dadee
[11:22] jickib29: i’m awake and drooling all over momee
[11:22] tompayne36: awake already!
[11:22] jickib29: slept for an hour and a half
[11:22] jickib29: good nap
[11:22] tompayne36: no drooling on the keyboard
[11:22] jickib29: mjfrf=]grsxZO$b6
[11:22] tompayne36: nice
[11:23] jickib29: z tg5v
[11:23] tompayne36: your first IM!
[11:23] jickib29: “““`;1`
[11:23] jickib29: e54dwde[‘
[11:23] jickib29: eweww/ws
[11:23] tompayne36: I am so proud of you!
[11:23] jickib29: .xc5xz z
[11:23] jickib29: q`qz sqzSyuy
[11:23] jickib29: z
[11:24] jickib29: zzzm,/0yewqar 5
[11:24] jickib29: ,loll.p;8im o980pp
The first part is his mommy pretending to be Tristan, then he takes over. OK, granted, it doesn’t make any particular sense…but it remains adorable.

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