NOLA – Jen and Tom invite themselves along…

Jennifer and Tom invited themselves along on a trip to New Orleans with Bob and Danielle Burke. It all started at Kimberly’s engagement party…”Did we tell you we are going to New Orleans?” “No! We love New Orleans”. The next thing you know, airline tickets are purchased, hotel reservation are made and Jennifer and Tom are invading Bob and Danielle’s vacation.

Cafe au Late and Bignets at Cafe du Monde (click for more pictures)

The trip turned into a veritable family reunion. Bob and Danielle were going down to Nawlins with their aunt and uncle (Jeff and Ann). It turned out that Tom’s Aunt Arlene and Uncle Bill just happened to be in town the same weekend as well. And Father Jon Parks, the priest that maried Tom and Jen and their dear friend had returned to his home town. A great time was had by all.

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