Memory Walk 2004

This weekend was the Alzheimer’s Association’s “Memory Walk 2004”. Thanks to our very generous friends, we were able to raise $1,245 (of the $408,000 raised at the event). Very impressive for a first try.

Norman, Jennifer’s dad, complained the whole way. It was cold and he constantly threatening to call a cab. If you know Norm, this is just his way of saying he’s having fun.

We were even able to do some celebrity sighting. To those of you familiar with New York’s new radio 1010WINS, we now know what Alice Stockton Rosini looks like. We also got to see David Hyde Pierce (of Frazier fame) whose father and grand father were victims of Alzheimer’s. I grabbed a photo as Jennifer attempted to “lap” him on the walk.

Once again, thanks to all of our friends and family who donated to the cause. Hopefully, we will some day be able to lick this horrible disease.

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