Go Bucks!

People in Ohio are crazy. Crazy about Ohio State football. It is simply amazing. Marsha and Matt took Tom and Jen to see an Ohio State football game. There was talk of “tailgating”, but I don’t where they expected to do this…cause with so many people there was no place to park, let alone camp out.

We couldn’t get tickets to see the game from inside the stadium, so we talked about watching from one of the neighborhood bars. Matt kept mumbling something about watching from Marsha’s cousin’s apartment, but this didn’t seem like too much fun.

Well, it turns out that Marsha’s cousin Jimmy has the drywall concession for Ohio State…and has done quite well for himself. The apartment is actually something like a private “Hooters”. The place is just amazing. He has taken a one bedroom apartment, mounted 5 or 6 TV’s from the ceiling, added an industrial strength beer cooler and woohoo! Jimmy wasn’t even in the aprtment when we arrived. But 60 of his close friends were. Jimmy was on the 50 yard line at the game. He’s now one of my favorite people!

And as much as they love Ohio State, they really despise Michigan State…

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