Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Well, St. Patrick’s Day was mostly a bust this year. Tom got snowed in up in Toronto and Jim Keesler was stuck inspecting DEP aqueducts. Luckily, Pearl River had a backup parade the following weekend.

Here we see Jen, Tom, Skull, Patty and Tara having a blast at one of Pearl River’s finest drinking establishments. Unfortunately, no one seems to remember the name of the place…

Colin Heller

Jennifer’s cousins Liam and Amanda recently had a baby boy, Colin. (OK, technically, Amanda had the baby with only the briefest of participation by Liam.) (OK, in all fairness to Liam, we really can’t comment on how brief the participation might have been. It is only a figure of speach.)

Liam recently send us a link to some very cute pictures of Collin on Ofoto.

One of the photos (of Colin in a bucket!) inspired Tom to create the following:


Liam has now downloaded “Paint Shop Pro” and is going to start creating such masterpieces on his own.

Jen and Tom are now Bloggers

Welcome to the new incarnation of the Jen and Tom website. The basic idea is that by using “blogging” software (specifically “MovableType“), we can make better use of the associated photo album. This way, we can actually provide and explaination as to why we actually took the pictures.

For example, here are some pictures of Jen and Tom on New Years. Tom learned the people will come up to you and ask “so why are you all dressed up?” if you go out to parties after the Opera dressed in a tuxedo.

If you miss the old site, you can just click here or visit the links section on this page.

Christmas 2003

My resolution for 2004 is to keep the world up to date on the comings and goings of Jen and Tom. We’ve bee posting pictures on the web for ever, but without any explaination at all. How are you supposed to know how much fun we had or what you missed!

So to start, here is a picture of Tom enjoying himself on Christmas morning.