Happy Halloween!

Tristan and William celebrated Halloween in their new neighborhood along with their new friends Abby and Tigh. At first, Tristan didn’t quite understand what was going on, but after about 10 houses or so, he started to get the idea (as can be seen here)

Halloween was also an opportunity for Jennifer to show off her creative side with some Jack-O-Lantern carving:

William was in costume, but there weren’t any good pictures. You can see him in his HotDog outfit in last week’s Ragamuffin Parade.

William’s Baptism

Thank you to everyone who helped to celebrate William Michael’s Baptism…whether they could make it in person or not. William had over 100 well wishers welcome him to the Catholic community. Jen, Tom and Tristan are truly blessed to have such friends and family to share with William.

Msgr Thomas Gilleese performed the ceremony in Jen and Tom’s new parish church, St. John and St. Mary. This capped of a “small world” experience which turned up several months ago when Jen and Tom found out that Msgr Gilleese was to be their new pastor. You see, he is the same priest who baptised Tristan last year at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Proud Godparent’s Danielle and Bobby came by the house before the cermony to make certain that their soon-to-be godson was ready.

And big brother Tristan was there as well to make sure all went right.

I don’t know if you can tell…but preparing a party for 100 people and getting two babies out of the house on time can cause even the most stylish of parents to look a bit harried.

And then when the ceremony was over, it seems the guest of honor was left to slumber in the party hall’s kitchen

but if you spun around from the spot where that picture was taken, you can see that he was hardly alone.

And here are more of the 100 odd well wishers…

All Smiles…

William has started to smile. In fact, its pretty hard to get him to stop. This is currently
Jennifer’s favorite shot:

This is one of Dad’s favorites:

And how about this one: “I demand the sum… of 1 million dollars.”

“You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads! “