A Great Aunt

Tom’s Aunt Arlene and Uncle Bill came for a visit today.

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It was also Tristan’s first visit to the doctor. Everything went well. His weight is down to 9lbs, 1 oz (from 9lbs 7oz) while his length is up to 22.5in (from 21in at birth). The good news is that his weight is up from his hospital departure; 8lbs, 12oz.

Lot’s of Visitors

Tristan’s last full day in the hospital was supposed to be a quiet one, so Jen and Tom told people it would be a good day to visit…so a lot of people did. Richard and Meredith, Lisa, Uncle (soon to be Godfather) Skull and Jacques were all on hand.

With all these friends on hand, Jennifer orchestrated a belated surprise party for Tom. He was very understanding about the delay. You see, Jen had been a bit preoccupied…

Boru’s boo-boo

Boru had to go to the vet today. Tom noticed that his paw was inflamed and it didn’t seem like the type of thing you wanted to put off with the baby is due any moment.

The vet prescribed some ointment for Boru’s toe…and one of those absurd cone collars to insure that he didn’t lick at the medicine. To maintain Boru’s dignity, no pictures of the collar will be posted.