Sick Friend

Our friend Penny Pasta is sick. Her pets, Richard and Meredith are very concerned about her. Apparently, she has had acute kidney failure and has high levels of toxins in her blood. The vet thinks she might have been poisoned…but there is little likelyhood there would be anti-freeze in her NYC apartment.

It looks like her blood tests indicate that she may be doing better. Our prayers are with her and her family.

Update: Unforunately, Penny Pasta is no longer with us. Her kidney problem was too great. Our sympathy goes out to Richard and Meredith. Also to Penny’s housemates, Jocasta and Oedipus.

Hiking. (Isn’t that exercise?)

Jen and Tom’s friend’s Jeanette and Rob wanted to do something “outdoor-sy” this weekend. Eventually, we settled on hiking in Harriman State Park in Rockland. Friends Steve and Sanja decided to join us.

The hike started out on warm (ok HOT) day, but it seemed much cooler under the canopy of trees. About two hours into the hike, following red-on-white blaze marks, we stopped at Pine Meadow Lake (I think) for lunch.

After lunch we started back to the visitor center. A couple of minutes into the hike, a very welcome rain started to fall. Soon, this stopped…and was later followed by a torrential down poor. Except for the need to later buy dry clothing, a fun day was had by all.


Business trips have had Tom spending a lot of time in Toronto lately. Usually, he just stays in a basic Marriott. This week, however, he stayed at the hotel attached to the Skydome and got upgraded to a “view suite”. While baseball is Jennifer’s sport…and the Blue Jays are not the league’s greatest team, it is pretty cool to watch a game from your room.