Arghh…MySQL woes

Woke up this morning to this:

It appears the password on my MySQL database somehow got changed. I was able to recover, but don’t know why the password is getting changed. A new project for today!?#

Update: Restored the password…but don’t know what it got changed in the first place.

Project #2

It appears the changes I made to install WordPress have screwed up the permissions for my photo gallery (SFPG)

Update: I spent a while researching why my activities yesterday would have resulted in not being able to traverse subdirectories, but it turned out that the remote mount to my file server got dropped. Not sure why either. I think the server rebooted and didn’t come pack up properly. Need to watch for that.

WordPress on Raspian

Today’s project was to get WordPress installed on my tiny Raspberry Pi server. The primary goal was to enable plugins…which I believe cost money on the WordPress site, but can be installed at no cost on a self-hosted instance. I was also interested in the ability to photo blog with the WordPress Android app.


  • Need to install a LAMP stack
    • Already had Apache and PHP installed
  • Installed MySQL
    • Ran into trouble setting up the root password. Had to reset and learn all about running the SQL daemon in safe mode and starting with –skip-grant-tables
  • Installed WordPress
    • My only issue was connecting with the mySQL because of the root password issue above.
  • Got distracted setting up a dynamic DNS system. I tried this once before, but it wasn’t really working for my top level domain. I reviewed an article on my domain registry for some ideas and recalled I had set up an account with Dynu.
    • I use the registry to forward my emails to GMail, so I am little concerned about messing up the forwarding, but I took a risk and am using the Dynu name servers and a client on my PC to update the DNS setttings. Fingers crossed.
  • I ran into some challenges because Chrome does not apparently like to ask for updated pages. Every time I requested my new webpages, I would get old content…no longer existing content. It turns out this is a well known issue.
  • I wanted to host several different blogs, so I had to set up MultiNetwork support
    • Initially the subdirectory approach didn’t work, but I found I needed to update some settings in the Apache config file, but could find httpd.conf. Turns out on my set up, the file is called apache2.conf
  • Next I wanted to try out creating posts from my Android WordPress app. It worked great with the site, but I kept getting a “required xml-rpc methods are missing on the server” error. I could acccess the xmlrpc.php file, but that was a false positive. Turns out I needed to install xml extensions for PHP (sudo apt-get install php-xml)

As of now, everything seems to be up and running!


Ever since we started letting the cats out, they have become real pests about going out and have figure out how to brute force the screen door. By putting their weight on the frame and clawing to the right, it is fairly easy to bypass the simple Andersen locking mechanism.

There has to be a better way.

Earlier, they broke the knob that latches to the screen and I found a replacement 3D model on Thingiverse. It has worked well, but proved to not be sufficiently cat-proof.

The problem is that the standard latch only prevents lateral movement. As soon as the cats put weight on the door and push it out, the latch disengages and slides open easily.

So my thought was what if the latch grabbed the screen door? I found this on Thingiverse, but it would require too many new holes in my door and frame.

So off to Tinkercad…with a slight detour to SketchUp. It took some searching, but I was able to find a 3D model of the handle in their 3Dwarehouse. Unfortunately, the model was in Sketchup format and I don’t own Sketchup. Luckily, their free web version will let you save in STL format, so I could subsequently tweak it in Tinkercad.

My plan was to add a plate to the handle so my latch had something to grab onto. That was pretty simple. When I printed the piece, the only surprise was that the back of the finger cutout was only hanging on by a hair and popped out. I may fix this at some point, but for now it is fine.

Next I needed to tweak the latch. Again, this was pretty simple in Tinkercad.

This worked pretty well once installed. The door was now rock solid when locked, but it was a little too tight and hard to open.

Another tweak shortened the latch portion and extended the grip.

I tried to extend the base (the round part) so that the latch better lined up with the door handle, but it wasn’t enough. But instead of remodelling and reprinting, I simply resorted to some old fashioned washers to offset the mechanism sufficiently.

Now the door is cat-proof and wife friendly…at least until the cats simply break through the screen.

Pickle Rick

I had made a semi-serious promise to myself that I would try to only make “practical” 3D prints as the boys keep asking for silly cartoon and video game characters. When they recently requests prints of “Rick and Morty” characters, I insisted I would only do it if they did something creative, like paint them. (especially since the printer wasn’t working and it would take considerable effort to get it printing again). There were agreements and head nods all around.
Pickle Rick and Mr. Meeseeks

Well, the prints printed (this is Pickle Rick and Mr. Meeseeks)…but it turns out dad did the painting, too.