SpaceRocks/VR is a Virtual Reality version of the classic Atari Asteroids game. I wrote is back in 1997 when real 3D accelerators were really expensive. Now virtually any PC has enough horse power for this game.  After dusting it offf, I was really impressed a how well it stands up to the test of time.

Features include:

  • Real 3D geometry.
  • Real-Time Rendering.
  • Spatialized 3D sound.
  • Support for helmet mounded displays.
  • Photo textures from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.
  • 2D mode


Version 0.901

A slightly older version, but seems to be the most versitile. The window can be scaled to modern reolutions. The OpenGL version seems to run smoother than the Direct3D port...except for the "explosion" sound.


Download Now!

SpaceRocks/VR_R8 (Windows)
v0.904 - 1.9MB ZIP- Built with WTK R8

SpaceRocks/VR Direct3D (Windows95)
v0.901 - 1.2MB ZIP
(more files may be needed below...)

SpaceRocks/VR OpenGL (Windows95 & WinNT)
v0.901 - 1.2MB ZIP
(more files may be needed below...)

deal links:

SpaceRocks/VR OpenGL (SGI Irix)
(compressed tar format)

SpaceRocks/VR OpenGL (Sun Creator3D)
(compressed tar format)


Version 0.904 (R8)

This version has a cool cockpit overlay, but it is a fixed bitmap and doesn't scale. Otherwise, it is pretty similar to Verion 0.901


Other interesting stuff


You may also need:

Microsoft's DirectX3 (6.3MB) is required for the Direct3D version of SpaceRocks/VR

Download these other DLL's (600KB; msvcrt.dll, mfc42.dll) if they are not yet in your system directory

Tell me what you think!