End City Raids

So last night I embarked on my first serious quest for an End City and the elusive “elytra” (wings). I watched a number of YouTube videos to prep and talked to Cousin Mikey for advice. For supplies, I brought:

  • Food (steak and pork chops)
  • Bucket of water (to scare away Endermen)
  • Maps (cause I wanted a map)
  • Slow fall potion (with red stone)
  • Sword
  • Pickaxe
  • (Spare) Diamond armor
  • My Feather Fall III Diamond Boots

When I got to the End, I collected chorus fruit and set up a “poor man’s” Enderman farm ( a three block high shelter) to collect Ender Pearls.

The boots, chorus fruit, Ender pearls and slow fall potions are all meant to help when fighting the shulker (they can make you float uncontrollably…and then stop…causing you to potentially fall to your death).

Even cheating using ChunkBase to get an idea as to the location of an End City (hey, it was my first time), I got lost several times and spend a long time searching.

My fear of having to deal with Enderman was overblown. All you need to do I look down to avoid there gaze.

I finally found a city and had my first skulker battle. What an awful sound they make! And then there is was… the elytra. So cool!

I was not impressed with the various treasure chests and went back to collect some End Rods and Skulker Shells…and then headed for home.

I could see the return portal just two end islands away. While all of my island hopping has been via “bridging” the gap but I decided to give teleporting with Ender Pearls a try. Why did I think that would be a good idea? Mikey had earlier commented that it was dangerous. I thought you couldn’t pearl into the void. But apparently you can. (William told me what happened is I pearled to the side of the island and slid into the void.)

I tried again tonight. This time I brought an Ender Chest to safely store my prize(s). (Thank you, Mikey). This time is did not bother with the Slow Fall potion but did bring about twice the food and a comfortable supply of bridging blocks.

I also thought to bring an Infinity Bow which was particularly helpful in clearing out the Shulkers from a distance (like when floating to the ceiling) and a shield. Somehow I forgot that on the first trip and found it helpful against the skulker missles.

My End Loot!

While I made it home intact, it was far less stressful to know the Elytra was safely stored in the Ender Chest (at least once I got back to my base to open the other side of the Ender Chest and see everything safely there! It was the first time I used one.)

So my first City was at -2120,-280 and my successful raid was at -568,-1845. I think Mikey got his at -2840,-872.


CardinalFang 1; Enderdragon 0

After probably 10 years of playing Minecraft, I finally got the nerve/interest in seeking out and killing the Enderdragon. I watched a couple of videos and did a trial run on a test world. Didn’t seem very difficult, just tedious for someone with such bad aim using a Minecraft bow.

Found the End Portal room hidden behind a brick wall (there was a button the did “nothing” so I broke some stone to reveal an iron door).

As I said, killing the dragon just took a long time…especially while having my vision obscured by a carved pumpkin.

Despite all my planning and prep, my real “goof” was that I broke my bed and brought it to the End with me…leaving me with no defined spawn location back in the overworks. Every time I went through to portal, I just returned to the End.

This video helped me get back…mostly:

But it kept resetting to a spot that was occupied. Luckily I had some screenshots of my base with the coordinates exposed. My biggest fear was that I would wind up spawning somewhere above the Void and loose the Dragon Egg.

The command “/execute in minecraft:overworks run spawn point” seems to take your current coordinates in The End and try to use them to set a corresponding spawn point in the Overworld….but that kept getting an “unavailable” error. From the screenshot, I was able to find an X,Z pair the was on the End island but needed to pillar up to the appropriate Y coordinate. Then when I executed the command and entered the portal, I was home.

I have gone back to the end portal, set my spawn point and successfully cycled through several times. Phew.

I also didn’t realize that the egg continues to teleport when you try to pick it up. I thought I had lost it, but it was just hanging out in the corner of my bedroom.


Brooklyn House Photos

Here are some of the “source” photos helping me recall details about our old house in Brooklyn.


Interior Shots

Google Street Shots

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Brooklyn House in Minecraft

I have always wanted to revisit my childhood home (876 East 35th Street). This weekend, I recreated it in Minecraft (beside my current home).

I need to decorate the interior and build some secret passages building upon childhood imagination.

UPDATE – Garage and patio added


Mangrove Swamps

Version 1.19 is here. We had to wait a couple of extra days for the Vanilla team to update their version and for James Chambers to update his amazing setup script.

I prepped the world by deleting some “infrequently” used blocks (“chunks”) with the

Mangrove Tree rendered in 1.18.2 on Quest 2 using ViaVersion
(note: Leaf culling mod active)
Mangrove Tree rendered in 1.19 (ona PC)

Server Mods installed

  • Dynmap-3.4-SNAPSHOT-spigot.jar
  • floodgate-spigot.jar
  • Geyser-Spigot.jar
  • LuckPerms-Bukkit-5.4.9.jar
  • Multiverse-Core-4.3.1.jar
  • ViaBackwards-4.3.0.jar
  • ViaVersion-4.3.1.jar
  • worldedit-bukkit-7.2.10.jar
  • worldguard.jar

Free Minecraft server

This is actually pretty crazy…


Mapping Minecraft

I found a pretty cool tool, DynMap, that can help illustrate my Minecraft world. It potentially boarders on cheating, but I will try to control myself.

Above is a via of my basecamp, including a recreation of Stately Payne Manor.

Here is a 2D view that includes my base, William’s house, Tristan’s emergency hut and Gavin’s base.


Nintendo Switch Repair

William has been complaining that his Nintendo Switch “joycon” is suffering from drift again. Apparently, this is a chronic design flaw of the controller that resulted in a law suit and a poorly publicized repair program.

I returned both boys’ controllers once and am not sure Nintendo will fix them again. And while the turn around it surprisingly fast, William wanted a fix NOW!

The link to the repair site is here:

I did not want to spend $79 for new controllers…so after a quick bit of googling, I found this permanent fix:

While pretty straight forward, when I went to open the controllers, I found they use a never before encountered screw head:

Nintendo’s Y type screw

Microcenter had a precision screw set but it was $35. Figured that was crazy to avoid a $79 purchase and eventually found a $19 option at Best Buy. When I got there, the staff insisted they didn’t sell anything like this. After some persistence, one of the guys found a $24 set that did not include the size I wanted and a $69 set I did not want to buy. 15 minutes and 4 guys later, they found the proper set.

So an hour adventure at Best Buy ended with a 5 minute fix. Seems to be working. But now I am sure William wanted to use this as an excuse for a different color controller and is not thrilled I fixed his issue with a piece of cardboard.


Stately Payne Manor…in Minecraft

Years ago (apparently 8 years ago, according to Facebook), I modeled our house in Minecraft. I can’t remember which version l, but it was on my iPad. I tried to find the world, but the file will no longer load. Luckily, Facebook provided this memory.

2014 Version

Interestingly, I recently decided to recreate the house on my new shared server. Since I didn’t have the old model, I had to recreate it from scratch/memory.

2022 Version

I am pretty happy with the new version. Next we need to work on the interior.

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Villager Family

I have my first villager kids. Had to swipe all the beds and extend two of the generated houses into a community bunk room. 2 or three stacks of carrots later, there were hearts abounding and three little ones.