Bancroft Lace Co

It’s bad enough that Tom occasionally get random emails about The Chrinitoid, but Jennifer never expected one of his online projects to result in family history discoveries.

To help share family history findings, Tom has posted information on sites like Ancestry, FamilySearch and Wikitree. Recently, one of Tom’s entries resulted in the email below:

Hello Thomas,

I am purchasing an old mill building in West Warwick and I have been doing some digging into it’s history. I found the building was originally the Warwick Lace Works Co, and later purchased by Bancroft Lace Co by a man Edward E Bancroft. If my research is right, he was the grandfather of Norman Bancroft whose WikiTree information you were listed as the editor.

Long story short, I am trying to track down pictures of the building from back in the 1950s when Norman’s grandfather owned it. I was hoping that you may know of any living relatives that I could shoot a quick email, or anything else that you may know that could help!

Sorry to contact you out of the blue, but hopefully it will be an interesting trip down memory lane.

Cheers, Brandon

Jennifer has shared stories about Edward Bancroft and his lace business, but we never knew he had an actually factory.

So far, we have not tracked down any of the requested historic photos, but we continue the search. (If you have any clues, let us know!)