Rest in Peace, Aunt Lucille

We just found out that Tom’s great Aunt Lucille recently passed away. We hadn’t seen much of Aunt Lucille lately as she and Uncle Dick moved to Florida a number of years ago. But as a child, Tom remembers many family events where Aunt Lucille was a significant presence. Uncle Dick passed recently, soon after his brother John.

If you click on the picture above, you can see pictures from Uncle Dick’s 80th Birthday Party.

Aunt Lucille will be missed. Rest in Peace.

Hectic Chinese

Jennifer has been dreaming about Chinese food for months now. The problem is that she has been spoiled by the food at Grand Sechuan in Manhattan (9th Ave at 24th St). We can not find anything comparable in Westchester. So, we made a pilgramage to the City.

Originally, we would go here with our friends Greg and Lisa. Then friends Penelope and Doug would join us as well. Over time, our families have grown, so now the trip involved 11 people. It makes for quite a hectic time, but the food is still wonderful.

Labor Day in Kent

Even though Tristan’s friend Rory has a luxurious in-ground pool (up behind the barn), the seem to truly enjoy the simply pleasure of a $4 inflatable puddle. What you can’t see in these public pictures is that both boys are in their “all together”. They would taking running starts from across the yard and flop into the pool.

Another adventure this weekend was fishing at Kent Falls. This time, mommy caught a fish. Not quite enought to feed everyone, but it brings a special kind of satisfaction.

Breakfast is always a great way to start the day. William seems to be enjoying himself.

The weekend wrapped up with an impromptu picnic in downtown Kent.