BBQ at Steve and Sanja’s

Later on in the day, Jen, Tom and Tristan traveled to the hinter lands of New Jersey with friends Richard and Meredith to see Steve and Sanja. There were lots of friends and family…and tons of food. The hit of the party was the batch of margharitas with a secret ingredient…beer. (Odd as that sound, it was pretty good…and quite popular.)

Tristan’s mom had fun showing him the finer point of a proper football grip…while her mind was drifting off the the horse barn on the property next door.

Swim Class

Tristan rose early on his six month birthday to take his first swimming class. The water was a little colder than the instructor usually likes it to be for her “Shrimp”, but Tristan and his classmate were real troopers.

There was a lot of kicking, splashing and exagerated bubble blowing (by daddy). Tristan also got a couple of good chuckles seeing his dad in a bathing cap. It was a great way to start the day…and to celebrate his half-year birthday.

And yes, Tristan does have his own membership card for the Y:

Tristan’s First IM

So Tristan has had a lot of “first” recently, as most babies do…but today he had first 21st Century “first”…he sent an instant message to his daddy.


[11:21] jickib29: hi dadee
[11:22] jickib29: i’m awake and drooling all over momee
[11:22] tompayne36: awake already!
[11:22] jickib29: slept for an hour and a half
[11:22] jickib29: good nap
[11:22] tompayne36: no drooling on the keyboard
[11:22] jickib29: mjfrf=]grsxZO$b6
[11:22] tompayne36: nice
[11:23] jickib29: z tg5v
[11:23] tompayne36: your first IM!
[11:23] jickib29: “““`;1`
[11:23] jickib29: e54dwde[‘
[11:23] jickib29: eweww/ws
[11:23] tompayne36: I am so proud of you!
[11:23] jickib29: .xc5xz z
[11:23] jickib29: q`qz sqzSyuy
[11:23] jickib29: z
[11:24] jickib29: zzzm,/0yewqar 5
[11:24] jickib29: ,loll.p;8im o980pp

The first part is his mommy pretending to be Tristan, then he takes over. OK, granted, it doesn’t make any particular sense…but it remains adorable.